Hippo CMS Console Scroll

At my current job, we use Hippo CMS as our CMS of choice. It is a Java-driven application which uses a tree of nodes as its data model. The Hippo CMS console is a feature that allows developers and maintainers to see and modify this data structure on a low level. However, once the tree of nodes gets sufficiently large, the console does not keep the master view in sync with the detail. I wrote a plug-in for chrome that simulates this synchronization. You can find it in the Chrome store here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hippo-cms-console-helper/cfgilafjddciddcepdaaglgcggfpaepi

The small amount of code powering the plug-in can be found on my Github: https://github.com/daveychu/hippo-cms-console-helper.

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